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FYMS’s Marvel Stuff Wishlist 



5. Nerf Black Widow’s Widow Bites by Hasbro


If Hasbro is so desperate to make Avengers toys that they are putting little Nerf missiles in Captain America’s shield:


Then they have absolutely have no excuse not to make Widow Bites that shoot little Nerf missiles.

4. Ms. Marvel’s Scarf


This is so obvious that I’m not even going to give you gets a big wall of text explaining why Marvel needs to make this. All I will say is that I just politely demand it comes in a lightweight & sheer summer version and a warmer, knit winter version.

3. Black Widow and Captain Marvel Jewelry


(Photos © FanFlail & FaeStarDesigns)

It is no secret that Marvel has clearly dropped the ball when it comes to merchandising their two top ladies. We’ve all suffered from the debacle Hasbro’s created by deliberately short-packing Black Widow action figures for not one, but two movies. And if it wasn’t for all of kellysue's hard work, there would be next to nothing for Carol out there. So it was really hard for me not to fill this entire list with products for both characters.  But I think #3 is a no-brainer. Both Natasha and Carol have symbols – the Black Widow’s red hourglass and the Kree Star – that make for awesome charms and earrings. Marvel's previously had a women’s jewelry line but it featured male superheroes only - it’s about time we get a jewelry line for some superheroines

2. CA:TWS Falcon POP by Funko


I think I speak for most people when I say my first thought at seeing the line-up for the CA:TWS POPs was ‘OMG they actually made Natasha!!’ which was then quickly followed up by ‘wtf? Where’s Sam?’ That WTF only grew when we got the product shots for the GotG POPs, which showed that: 1. Funko could make more than four figures per product line and 2. Having a variant figure did not mean you had to throw out one of the other main characters to fit it in (i.e. having a masked and unmasked Starlord did not mean Funko could no longer include Drax or Gamora in the set.)

There was really no reason to make a Winter Soldier POP with goggles and one without. But fine, that was clearly what Funko wanted to do. But there is literally no excuse as to why they let that prevent them from also making a Falcon figure. 

So TL;DR Funko needs to make a CA:TWS Falcon POP and it needs to make it now.

1. Bucky Bear


The single best thing that came out of Avengers vs. X-Men was Bucky Bear. Bucky Bear’s popularity is so great that it’s spawned a cottage industry of handmade plush toys, pillows, buttons, charms, and all the print-to-order goods you can think of. 

Bucky Bear’s popularity has only grown since the release of CA:TWS and if these pictures don’t convince you that we need an official Bucky Bear plush toy, I don’t know what will: 


(Photos © groovetasticalgdijefferson)



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Kyle MacLachlan by Steven Meisel, 1995

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twin peaks ladies [3/3] ¬ shelly johnson

"I’ve got one man too many in my life,
and I’m married to him.”


The Women of Twin Peaks, Rolling Stone, 1990.

Sebastian Stan at the Broadway ‘Picnic' Opening Night. 



that smile ㅠㅠ♡
that smile ㅠㅠ♡